The colour white identifies us in the field. It is just as important as the logo.

Main colour

White is the main colour in MSF OCBA's visual identity, and its presence is as important as the logo.

White identifies MSF OCBA in all its communications formats.

White is the background colour on which other content should be placed: the logo, text or an image.

  • For physical products, the white colour corresponds to the material chosen.
  • In video or other multimedia products, use the following RGB values for white.

R255/G255/B255 R245/G245/B245
RAL 9003

Secondary colours

Black and red are MSF OCBA’s secondary colours:

  • Black is mainly used for text.
  • Red is mainly used to highlight concepts.
  • Occasionally, black and red may be used instead of white as background colours.

C0/M100/Y100/K0 C0/M0/Y0/K100
Pantone 485 Pantone Black
#D7211E #000000
R215/G33/B30 R0/G0/B0
RAL 3020
MACal 8959-01 Blood Red/Pro Matt

  • In text for web pages, videos or multimedia, black can be replaced by this dark grey:



Using other colours

To differentiate specific campaigns or products and give them a unique identity, other background colours than red, black and white can also be used.